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Carl Nielsen - Springtime in Fünen (1986)

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Carl Nielsen - Springtime in Fünen (1986)

Springtime in Fünen, opus 42:

   Springtime in Fünen
   The Day, with Sun
   The Old Bachelor
   The Blind Musician
   The Old People
   Dance Ballad

Aladdin Suite:

   Aladdin's Dance - Dance of the Morning Mist
   Hindu Dance
   Chinese Dance
   The Market in Isphahan
   Dance of the Prisoners
   Dance of the Negros

Three motets:

   Afflictus sum
   Dominus regit me
   Benedictus dominus

Soloists: Inga Nielsen, Kim von Binzer and Jørgen Klint
Choirs: The University Choir Lille MUKO, St. Klemens School Children's Choir
Orchestra: Odense Symfony Orchestra
Conductor: Tamás Vetö

Recorded in Odense 1985.

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