The University Choir Lille MUKO

Melodies of the Heart (2005)

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Melodies of the Heart (2005)

"Melodies of the heart" was released through Kor 72 as a musical contribution to the 200-year of H. C. Andersen's birth.

1. Michael Bojesen: Bøgetræet i skærsommer (The Fionian Chamber Choir)
2. Pernille Sejlund: End ligger jorden i sit svøb (The Fionian Chamber Choir)
3. Bo Gunge: Spørg Amagermo'er (The Fionian Chamber Choir)
4. Erik Haumann: Recension (Aarhus University Choir)
5. Søren Birch: Skovbal (Aarhus University Choir)
6. Jens Johansen: Edderkoppen (Aarhus University Choir)
7. Bo Holten: Aften (The University Choir Lille MUKO)
8. John Høybye: Hjertets melodier (The University Choir Lille MUKO)
9. Fuzzy: Konen med æggene (The University Choir Lille MUKO)

Conductor (for The University Choir Lille MUKO): Jesper Grove Jørgensen