The University Choir Lille MUKO

The Sound of a Girl (2011)

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The Sound of a Girl (2011)

A drama for choir and bass-baritone.

1. Halos in the night
2. Where she is
3. There is a story
4. I plant a poppy seed
5. The first tree
6. Blood beech
7. The leaves dance
8. The melodies are found in the noise
9. Dawn
10. The sound of a story
11. The leaf falls
12. Poppy epilogue

Peter Fristrup and The University Choir Lille MUKO
Cello: Ida Nørholm
Double bass: Mads Lundahl Christensen
Trumpet: Kristina Schjelde
Percussion: Mads Hebsgaard
Tenor saxophone, clarinet og bass clarinet: Anders Banke

Conductor: Jesper Grove Jørgensen
Composer: Nicolai Abrahamsen
Text: Thorkil Jacobsen
Producer: Nicolai Abrahamsen
Recorded and mixed in STC Studios by Andreas Hviid
Mastering by Joel Krozer
Cover design: Niklas Antonson

This release is funded by Den Folkekirkelige Udviklingsfond and Dansk Musiker Forbund.
The musical score and texts of The Sound of a Girl can be found at


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