The University Choir Lille MUKO

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The University Choir Lille MUKO in Schleswig
Several of our recordings can now be found on Spotify.

You can also listen to the latest recordings of the University Choir Lille MUKO played on the Danish Radio at the Danish Radio's website.

Several of our recordings, that has been played on DR, doesn't currently show up on our profile at their page, but these can be found using Google: Search on Google

Below you can also listen to excerpts from some of the songs, that can be found on two of the choir's newest CD's:

Christmas in Danish (2014)

2. Det kimer nu til julefest

5. En stald og en krybbe

9. Født er himlenes kongesøn

14. Velkommen igen Guds engle små

17. Jesus, du min himmelskat

19. Glade jul

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The year's passage (2012)

4. Danmarks lyse sommer

8. Midsommers-natten ved Frederiksborg

16. Liden sol

19. Der er ingenting i verden så stille som sne

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